Number 2 Town-Planning Way, Ilupeju, Lagos
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Association of Housing Corporations of Nigeria

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An exhibition of building materials, alternative building materials and building technology for affordable housing, housing models and designs, chemical and paints products building services, products presentation, modern construction equipment, home interiors, finance financiers, mortgage services, local building materials housing projects and interactive forums

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Corporate presentation 

Limited opportunities will be made available throughout the conference for interested corporate bodies to address the participants on their corporate profile, business, achievements and potentials as well as their products and services. The presentation shall not exceed 15 minutes per session. Booking for such presentation should be completed on or before 15th October, 2022.

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Opportunities are available for 

Opportunities are available for Corporate and individual sponsors who stand to benefit immensely through the forum. Three categories are available namely Conference Gold Partner, Silver Partner and Bronze Partner

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Housing Africa 2022 Exhibition

Waste Management For Smart Businesses
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