Number 2 Town-Planning Way, Ilupeju, Lagos
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Association of Housing Corporations of Nigeria

"To eradicate homelessness and provide decent and affordable housing for all Nigerians in safe environment"
Malicious housing offers
Let's make our housing goals a reality

An exhibition of building materials, alternative building materials and building technology for affordable housing, housing models and designs, chemical and paints products building services, products presentation, modern construction equipment, home interiors, finance financiers, mortgage services, local building materials housing projects and interactive forums with high net-worth participants will be staged during the 3-day conference. The exhibition which is open to all major stakeholders in the built environment, promises to be the biggest expo in Africa on housing/construction. Membership of the organizers (THE AHCN) drawn from all the states and some private developers in Nigeria are participating in the events.
The major objectives of the exhibition are to provide a forum to:
⦁ Search for business partners, distributors and opportunities to test the market with new products/services
⦁ Promote trade and industry
⦁ Firm up business relationship
⦁ Stimulate foreign private investment in housing among others
Undoubtedly, the best way to do business in Nigeria (for international business community) is to physically be in Nigeria to assess the potential and establish necessary and profitable contacts. Presently all the federal and state housing agencies (member organizations of the AHCN) are involved in multi-billion dollar investments and projects in the property development that could be explored especially on private public partnership. The exhibition/conference therefore presents the biggest opportunity to reach out to major decision makers in Africa’s largest housing industry.

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