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Association of Housing Corporations of Nigeria

"To eradicate homelessness and provide decent and affordable housing for all Nigerians in safe environment"
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As part of our efforts in addressing the current housing and food shortages as well as the poor healthy environment in Nigeria, the Association of Housing Corporations of Nigeria is commencing its new housing programme known as AGRIC-VILLAGE SCHEME with registration of intending and potential participants in this programme.

The Agric-Village Scheme housing scheme which will be created and sited in all state of the federation is designed as solitary solutions to solving both housing and food shortages as well as unemployment scourge in the country. The Scheme is designed as an integrated community comprising of affordable housing,

mechanized farming, silos/storage facility and agro allied industries.

Our plan under this Agric-villages scheme is to develop a secured community of

modern estates within the scheme in an environment laced with modern

infrastructural facilities such as shopping malls, banks, hospital, internets markets,

security etc. and other good things of life that are provided in the urban estates.

Completed housing units in the community are to be allocated to farmers or

prospective people who are interested in farming with an option to buy through

mortgage or through rent to own using proceeds from the farm for repayment.

The Scheme under our programme tagged "Eradicating Homelessness and Food

Shortage Scheme Initiative (ERAHOMS) is projected to reverse the rising rural

urban migration and generate employment opportunities for vast majority of youth

and help to arrest the critical and rising food and housing shortages arising from

uncontrollable migration and lack of interest in agriculture by our youth.

We are therefore commencing the registration of interested people in this scheme

in all the state of the federation. If you are a farmer or interested to go into farming

and would like to partake in this scheme, kindly complete the above Expression of

Interest form to assist us in our final planning for the take-off of this scheme early

next year.

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