Current AHCN Initiative

For us as an Association, the current housing deficit is worrisome, and we have taken time to re-examine our impacts over the years and we realized that we need a new direction and focus to be able to meet the housing needs of our people. For this reason, we have evolved a new direction of reducing and eradicating homelessness within a very short time from now. We are therefore embarking on a programme that we tagged ‘ERAHOMS’ which is basically aimed at reducing and eradicating homelessness among our people.

With ERAHOMS, we are proposing to develop 740,000 housing units within the next five years.  We target 148,000 housing units annually in each state of the 36 states and Abuja.  Four thousand (4,000) housing units are proposed for each of the 36 states and Abuja annually. The proposed development shall be done in phases of a maximum of 1000 units per time. Interested investors and potential buyers can contact us for further information.

How do you benefit?

Do you want to invest in affordable housing? Are you seeking for affordable housing? Erahoms Initiative is your destination and you will surely benefit from this initiative.  Our houses for this initiative are principally designed for low and middle income group with mortgage opportunity for those who are unable to raise lump sum to acquire their desire homes.  Rental houses and rent to own are also being packaged to make house available and affordable for all strata of the low income group.  You can register for the initiative in our website

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