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Family Homes Funds unviels sample low cost housing project and housing portal

The Family Homes Fund (FHF) has introduced to the media the sample low cost homes and housing portal, which is aimed at addressing low cost housing gap in the country.
The sample homes each costing N1.4m and N1.8m for the 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units respectively, excluding financing and infrastructure costs.

Introducing the homes, the Managing Director of FHF, Mr. Femi Adewole had reasoned that except there is such a project like this, it will be difficult for low income earners to have decent roof over them.

Adewole stressed that “if we are going to build a strong economy, if we are going to realise our undoubted potential, we cant do it by a lacklustre attention to the predicament of such a large section of our population or avoiding it because it is difficult. It will be like trying to fight with one hand tied behind our back.
” That is why this Government rightly and absolutely committed to the difficult job of lifting this section of our population out of poverty. The mass housing programme – now branded the Social Housing Programme is an important element of that.”

From left: Mr Femi Adewole (MD, Family Homes Funds Ltd) and Mr. Paul Yeigba (GM Bayelsa State Housing and Property Development Authority.

He explained that the experiment towards inclusive housing was embarked on for three reasons: Firstly, to test out our assumptions about the feasibility of building a home at this threshold cost and see what it will look like;
“Secondly, to test acceptability with potential occupiers and you as housing professionals. Drawing on your feedback to adapt and continuously improve.
“Thirdly, to show that its not easy, but its possible!”

Also, he said that the Online Portal which is being launched today will do a number of things.

“Firstly it will enable us to allocate housing in an open and transparent way. Individuals can log on the site to register interest in specific projects. For those who are not able to navigate modern technology, we will collaborate with other partners including Mortgage Banks and Cooperative Society to provide assistance.

“Secondly, it provides opportunity for group of young professionals with qualification, skills or experience in building and construction to register interest in participation as SME Partners. Typically SME Partners will be given the opportunity to build about 20 – 30units of housing initially going on to larger opportunities as they grow. We expect to hire about 6000 SME Delivery Partners during the life of the project.

” Finally, the portal will provide opportunity for local manufacturers of building materials such as doors, windows, ironmongery etc to register interest in participation as bulk suppliers into the project. This will help us achieve one of the project objectives of ensuring up to 90% local inputs by 2021. It will have the opportunity to revitalize parts of our manufacturing sector and create more jobs.”
He encouraged everyone interest in the initiative to visit the site at

FHF boss concluded that the “two things we are doing today are the first steps on what is no doubt a long and difficult journey towards ensuring that every child regardless of the economic status of his or her parents has a safe and decent roof over their head. A place to nurture their dreams and hatch their potential away from the grip of poor housing.”

He therefore thanked His Excellency, President Mohammadu Buhari and the administration for their commitment to this objective and leadership.